Business and Administration Level 2 Unit 3

Unit three: Principles of managing information and producing documents


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Please note that this Assessment document has 6 pages and is made up of 4 Sections.

Name: Malgorzata Plis

Section 1: IT at work

This section will help you to evidence Learning Outcome 1: Understand the purpose of information technology in a business environment.

|Learning objective                                                                           |Place in Assessment                               |
|1.1 Identify different types of information technology that may be used for work tasks       |Question 1 Page 1                                 |
|1.2 Outline the benefits of using information technology for work tasks                       |Question 2 Page 1                                 |

1. In relation to your current business environment (or one that you are familiar with), identify at least two different types of information technology that may be used when completing work tasks. [1.1]

The two types IT that are used in my current job is spreadsheet and mobile information technology.
Spreadsheet is used to calculate the hours of work during the week and the wage that has to be paid to worker, the program that we use is Microsoft Excel.
Mobile information technology found it useful when the tablet's became popular. Tablet with the appropriate software is used instead of calendar to manage the bookings in the restaurant. It can also be used as a...