Business Aid

Business Aid

Here are some questions that need some clarification

What level of information do you need to obtain your best prices?

A:     Please see spreadsheet detailing information required.

What is your process for tendering?

A:       Ideally we want to be able to beat the best price you are currently getting,
          So if you were able to get all your quotations first then let us know this
          Information we then know what we are competing against. This is because
          we don't want to be going back and forth to Uttily getting numerous quotes.
          We would like to be in a position where if we can beat the best quote you are
          able to get then we secure the business.

What is your SLA for price requests?

A:       Any business we are quoting for must fulfill certain criteria.
          *They must have good credit.
          *The business must be at least 2 years old
          * If we are quoting for a customer currently in contract then they must
                be at least 6 months into their current contract.
          * The customer must be willing to pay by a monthly direct debit.

What is the reason for having the full customer details at the point of tendering?

A:       When Uttily provide a quote they also send the schedule and agreement   and
          also the direct debit mandate. This saves us time as quotes are only valid for a
          limited period.

Why do you need current rates of the customer?

        A:       So as to   provide a full comparison to client in terms of savings.

Who determines the level of uplifts?

A:       UCR

What reassurance is there that UCR customers will not be directly contacted by your supplier, by any other third party that you are associated with or by yourselves?

A:     We do not conduct business in an unethical manner. However to give you
          reassurance   we are happy to sign an agreement to...