Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong- Next Step Forward

Case study
Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong- Next Step Forward
By: Supa
Building Strategic Partnership



                                                            CASE STUDY
Initiating with the analysis of the case, I would prefer to start from a scratch and that is by introducing a few words about what actually does the word Social Enterprise stand for. As per my understanding of the article it basically refers to a "business targeting certain social causes". These play a kingpin role in maintaining the sustainability of the world by bestowing their efforts in line with the social benefit. Furthermore, the question arises is how they do that and the answer is they do it by redirecting the surpluses from the business to the community instead of driving the profits into shareholders pockets (Li, 2008).
Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong (RAHK) previously known as Hong Kong Confederation Associations of Handicapped is also such an organization which was reconstituted in the year 1992 and whose major concern is for the People With Disabilities (PWD'S) earning them "full participation and equal opportunity in the society" . It had an alliance with Dairy Farm Company from past 13 years and was running two 7-Eleven stores along with small retail stores of its own. It was doing well initially at all the fronts but then after has started losing its worth in the society. The management actually was planning to step up its income with the aid of installing fresh business units. Hence flowing in congruence with its idea they went ahead with opening up a new 7-Eleven store, Stationery store and a Health First Shop but to their disgrace everything went in vain because of the various nicks in their overall management (Li,2008). Adding a fuel to the fire was the competition it was facing from other convenience stores which was reducing its profit margin thus forcing it...