Bush Fire

Australia is one of the country that experience incidents of bushfire. Bushfire in Australia has been happening for hundreds of years and it is a phenomenon natural to Australia. Bushfire incidents can be caused in many different ways. Namely, lightning strikes, collision of power lines, spark from explosives and machinery as well as irresponsible human activities such as deliberate burning, cigarettes and also campfire. These conditions make Australia vulnerable to bushfire, stunting the economy and creating social distress, thus resulting in loss of human lives and property damages.
The incidents of bushfires had caused several impacts on the Australian economy. Many agricultural lands and livestock were destroyed, causing the farmers to lose their income. Most of the farmers came from a poor background and farming is the only way they can earn some money. Besides, numerous parks including national parks, cultural sides and historical sides were also damaged. For instance, the Alpine National Park in Victoria has been affected by bushfire several times and each fire that occurred has caused part of the grassland areas to be burnt down. As a result, tourism has been reduced in that particular area as the number of visitors has fallen.
Another major economic effect of bushfire is property damages.   Many towns and buildings were destroyed from the happening of bushfire hence affecting the Australian economy financially. There are huge sums of money needed to restore the houses and buildings that were destroyed. The property damages were estimated to cost millions of dollars every year.   As stated in the article “No limit to cost of fires: Landy”, the cost of recovery of Black Saturday bushfires that took place on the 7th of February, 2009 in Victoria was approximated at least $40million. The huge amount of money was distributed to families of the deaths, seriously injured people and also to those who lost their homes. More funds are essential to renovate schools,...