*• Who will be at home when a bush fire occurs? Does* your family group include elderly *relatives, young* children, *people* with disabilities or illnesses?
Can these family members be re-located, if not, who
Will care for them while the *plan *is implemented?
• Staying to defend your property is physically
Demanding, it is necessary to check for and
Extinguish spot fires for up to 10 hours after the fire
Front has passed. Are you physically prepared?
• Do you own and have access to the equipment
And resources to extinguish fires around your
*Property?* (*E.g*. sufficient water supply, petrol/diesel
Portable pump etc).
• Is your house adequately prepared? Or is it in a
Location that makes it difficult to defend (such as on
A steep slope or very close to dense *bush land*).
*b) why* is it so important to clean the gutters
Because leaves and branches can catch alight easily due to ember attacks which can cause the roof to catch alight and collapse.
B. Bush fire survival kit
a)Why are the following items necessary in a survival kit?
• Knapsack spray
To wet the grass to prevent fires burning them
• Shovel
You might need to ‘choke’ some fires by throwing dirt on them
• Towels
To smother fires, put the fires out, Also to protect your body.
• Mop
To spread non-flammable liquids to prevent fires going on them
• Battery operated radio
To hear about the emergency teams putting out the fires and to hear when the fire front will arrive
• Torch
To see through smoke .