Gllobal Warming

Physical Geography DE

        The Worst of Global Warming in Australia has begun

Global warming is a reality we are facing all too suddenly. The affects of our destruction were apparent but seamlessly life in this world carried on. We are now concerned with the affects of global warming after some seen destruction in this world. We’re having problems such as polar ice caps melting, burning of fossil fuels and such. Australia has ignored for much time the affects of global warming. They are now suffering for this negligence.
Earth’s climate is in harmony by a natural greenhouse effect.   This is created by our atmosphere which captures green house gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. Humans have destroyed the atmosphere so much that effects are changing life as we know it.
Humans have contributed to these green house effects by burning of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are things such as coal and oil. We depend on combustion of fossil fuel for energy. All this is creating an extra blanket of unnatural gases around the world.
An increase in problems in Australia is devastating the natural habitat of the environment. Australia is suffering from extreme drought and many bush fires that was devastates the terrain exponentially. The temperature has risen in Australia in less than 100 years about 0.7 degrees Celsius. Animals and plants are suffered also with these effects. A recent study showed that 1/3 of the population of wildlife suffering is on the endangered species list. Many of these animals simply cannot survive due to a long term climate change.
Animals like Koalas are at risk by the changes that increased CO2 may have on the quality of food plants. Plants that have root and stems and other plant materials are at risk of losing its nutrients from reduced nitrogen content. Hotter temperatures and drier conditions projected for the south of Australia will see an increase in the intensity of forest fires (IPCCb, 2001; Williams et al., 2001)....