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A New Work Ethic

    After reading Case 4.4 A New Work Ethic. I now convince this is the new work ethic. I think it maybe a young work ethic. The environment he described was young people who were working in a job that seem to be temporary. Don’t get me wrong I’m a firm believer in, it does not matter what type of job it is you always do your best. I really and truly believe in hard work. I also feel I’m a realest it does matter what company you are managing it important to know your people, their strength and weakness who is strong and who is not. If someone is coming to work for you on an temporary basics it would be hard to compare that person to someone who works full time and really depend on this job and the income. I think what Sheehy’s experienced was young person work ethic that need supervision. I think that speaks cleanly when a truck was parked in the parking lot for four days before someone called the police. Young people at that age only care about going to work and getting off they are not invested into the company they work for at that time. The truck parked in the lots for four days i really have to question the manager. Also in the work study it was mention that a recent survey shows that employee theft account for 50 percent more revenue loss for retailer than shoplifting.

That is just unacceptable and highly disappointing.   The mentality of the young people he was talking about use the Phase “Getting on with getting mine” they just had a lot of dishonest people working for them. I think when you start doing thing like this it has nothing to do with your work ethic it has all do with you values as a person.  
      Customer service I do have to say it’s a lost art.   Who hasn't gotten lost on an automated phone line, wandered aimlessly around a store trying to find a sales clerk or waited hours for the repair technician who never comes?   I call my cable company the other day because my internet was down. They said...