The Fuss on the Bus!

Having always been accustomed to the comfort and luxury of owning a car,   the idea of using public transport had never really crossed my mind…I mean of course I don’t have my own car when in college,and public transport there is no big deal,but then again dude!!! There has to be some difference in life @ the hostel and life @ home….and ofcourse @Goa and @UP!!!
  However my bubble of placation recently burst when I started using local buses to commute to my PS (practice school/training centre),everday… (The car seemed like an excellent option until the government thought the same about hiking oil prices! :P )
So well. After the initial issues of finding out which bus I had to take,learning to jump out of buses that would refuse to come to a standstill etc/ I got used to the usual everyday   humdrum.
  So well this one fine day, glad to have finished a work day I was heading home in one bus no 33…making plans of the many things I had to do when I got home, when a guy in his mid thirties climbed onto the bus…I was too engrossed into my thoughts to notice that it wasn’t a bus stop but just the middle of the road!...however I realised it soon when the driver shouted, “Who the hell do you think you are…stopping the bus in the middle o the road!... and what did u say “Abey bus rok?” (srry but it wouldn’t have the same effect If I put that in English :P )…I have a respectable job and I do not deserve to be spoken to like that! To this the gentleman (if he deserves to be called so) said, “Oh don’t you shout on me, I had been asking for a lift for a considerable amount of time… what else am I to say if you refuse to stop!”…The driver goes “   ………” (abusive words that I cannot write :P )… Soon we had the passengers parting ways into three categories the ones For the driver, the ones For the thirties guy(lets call him that) and the diplomatic ones.... (mainly the bored aunties and old uncles and me ….who just wanted the two insane men to shut up!)… As soon as one party...