Dude, You’ve Got Problems
Dude, You’ve Got Problems
Amanda Mazuro
Baker College
English 101
                                                        Erin Reume

“Fag” and “gay,” are now the most misinterpreted nicknames that kids are using to taunt other kids within schools today.   According to an article in the New York Times, “Dude, You’ve Got Problems,” by Judith Warner, these two names are now among the most potent and feared weapons in the school bully’s arsenal.   Warner isn’t saying that the word “fag” doesn’t mean gay.   She’s saying that the use of the word has little to do with homophobia and a great deal to do with sexism, with keeping boys in line by accusing them of being like girls.
For example, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover is an 11 year old boy who liked to do very well in school.   Because of that, he was hounded by classmates that were calling him “gay” which lead him to hang himself (Warner, 2009, para.1).   Another example is Eric Mohat, a 17 year-old boy that likes theatre, playing the piano, and wore bright colored clothes.   Because of his interests, he had long been subject to taunts of “gay,” “queer,” and “homo” (Warner, 2009, para.2).   Being called a “fag” actually has nothing to do with being gay.   It’s really about showing a perceived weakness of femininity by being emotional, caring to much about clothing and appearance, enjoying dance, or even having an interest in literature.
I find this aggravating.   I am sure that everyone once in their life has been bullied or picked on.   I cannot comprehend why a bully would want to push the accused “fag” to hate themselves so much to commit suicide.   I do give much of the blame to parents who are oblivious to their children’s feelings or how they act towards one another.   I believe parents who lack decent parenting skills resort to aggression.   This can cause children to have built up aggression and frustration themselves, lead by example, and take it out on their peers.   According to...