Btec Ict Unit 13 P1-P4

P1: Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources

In this task I will be identifying why my two chosen organisations have chosen to recruit. I will discuss how the two organisations I have chosen plan their recruitment process and the process they go through. I will also be analysing the internal and external aspects that they both use to plan their recruitment. When recruiting both my chosen organisations use internal and external sources which I will now be explaining. My two chosen organisations are Tesco and Sir George Monoux College.
Internal sources is when there are jobs available in the company and someone maybe from a lower position takes the job or applies for it or is given the job maybe as a promotion. However for someone internally   to take this job they would have to have the correct skills or would have to do minimal training to fulfil the criteria of the job. For the job to be advertised internally the company tend to either email the position to all staff and see who would like to apply for the job or if it is a promotion they talk face to face to the person they wish to give the higher job to. Also if the company has a staff dashboard it is possible for them to advertise the job vacancy on the dashboard for everyone to see. This can save a lot of time for the company. When recruiting internally it is a lot cheaper and quicker for the company as firstly it would save money for training and time for getting the right person trained up for the job as most staff would have general skill and would maybe only require a small amount of training which isn't too costly for the company.
Sir George Monoux College:
If the college decide to recruit someone that already works at the college it would be very beneficial for them for the following reasons:
  1. It will be a lot cheaper for them to advertise as it will not be for the whole of the public, therefore meaning less people to show and advertise the position...