Bsbpmg519A - Manage Project Stakeholder Engagement

BSBPMG519A - Manage project stakeholder engagement

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1 Define the term project stakeholders. Stakeholders are typically defined as following describing their relevance to a project (note, some sources have a closer view of the definition): Groups or individuals who have an intrinsic role impacting the success or failure of a project. They are in different ways actively, directly or indirectly involved in a project. It is fundamental that the project management has a clear understanding of their roles and objectives as their key interests (stake), involvement, requirements and expectations vary in different ways. “…individuals and organisations that are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected as a result of project execution or project completion; they may also exert influence over the project and its results.” (BSBPMG519A - Manage project stakeholder engagement, SECTION 1, PMBOK Guide 2004) As mentioned above stakeholders are sometimes defined in a narrower way. “ influencers and decision makers of a business or technological change” (Wikipedia, “Project stakeholder”) Trainer Comments xx/xx/2015 08:34AM


2 Describe the techniques used in the initial stages that can help identify relevant stakeholders. A successful project management requires cooperation and understanding from all parties involved with project implementation and scope. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to identify the stakeholders, their role, their interest, their influence and expectations correctly. Typically a main focus is given to the key stakeholders as their existence, influence, control and...