Strategic Management Project of Airasia Bhd


      AirAsia is well known company for airlines industry especially in all over Asia and being one of the market leaders in that industry. In order to maintain its brand which is famous with low cost carrier and to be consumers’ preference to choose using its services offered, AirAsia must be able to complete with competitors and new entrance by doing some sort of strategies.

      AirAsia has very clear vision and mission of the company and this enable each members of the company work hard to fulfill the vision and mission which has been declare and must achieve in future for both sort term and long term. But, AirAsia never escape from the problems in term of its operation and this must be solved by come out with new strategies and proper planning to cope with that problems.

      According to internal and external evaluation of the AirAsia show that the company is getting above 2.5 score for both of evaluation. This explained that AirAsia does not affect by any external and internal factors which mean it is good sign for the company. By look into external and internal factors the company would be also able to identify what kind of strategies and planning that the company should take in future.

      Then after identification and evaluation of external and internal factors, the company can go further steps with doing matrix evaluation. There are five matrix which are TOWS, space, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Grand, Internal-External and competitive profile matrix. Most of the matrix evaluation shows that the company is in aggressive strategy level and further analysis shows that the AirAsia must do several strategies which connected with the company’s operation.

      The analysis of SWOT and strategic planning come out with the two important strategies that must be taken by the AirAsia in order to develop its performance of company in future. The two important strategies are market penetration and market development. These two...