Contrasts Associated with the United States and Canada in Dealing with Diversity

Contrasts associated with the United States and Canada in dealing with diversity: the unique challenges Canada faces
"Canada has a unique dual national dominant culture which contrasts sharply to the WASP dominant culture of the U. S." (Jones, N/A). This paradigm is different from the U. S., (other countries have this model) (Parsons, 1999), consequently, the two countries have taken divergent paths toward assimilation. While Canada is a dual dominant culture, it is questionable that the two dominant cultures are equal. Canada is a mecca of immigration like the U. S. and is increasingly diverse: embracing this diversity in the face of dueling dominant majority is strikingly difficult (Jaime Lluch, 2010).
Comparisons between the United States and Canada include: 1.) ethnic development 2.) Immigration and 3.) Current diversity. In contrast: 1.) Canada is a bifurcated dominant culture and the U. S. is dominated by one 2.) Pluralism dominated Canadian culture while assimilation was preferred in the U. S. 3.) Canada rejected slavery and the U. S. Embraced it and 4.) Canada has been more receptive to racial and ethnic diversity than the U. S. (Marger, 2009). Both countries began as colonial settlements that conquered indigenous populations and subsequently experienced vast growth through immigrants (predominantly European) and eventually became more diverse as immigration continued through the present. Canada, unlike the U. S., began as a French colony and was conquered a second time by the British, resulting in in school dominant majority structure while the United States was predominately WASP from its inception. The dual dominance in the formation of Canada as a nation, specifically the retention of French culture in Québec, led to a pluralistic society: the U. S., on the other hand, embarked on a less tolerant assimilation policy. The impact of slavery in the United States as opposed to its rejection in Canada is likely to have led to a great many economic and...