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                          Ch-1 The Rise Of The Modern Age
Q1.   MCQs.
(a) Magellan   (b) Vasco-da-gama     (c) Columbus     (d) David Livingstone.  
2.In which country did the industrial revolution start first?
1.Who discovered the American continent?
(a) England         (b) France         (c) USA             (d) India  
3.What did James Hargreaves invent ?
(a) Water Frame       (b) Flying Shuttle.
(c) Spinning Mule, a mechanical spinning wheel.
(d) Spinning Jenny, a spinning wheel.
4.Who invented the Sewing Machine?
(a) Rudolf         (b) Elias Howe           (c) George Stevenson         (d) John McAdam.
5.Between which two cities did rail service first begain in the world?
(a) Mumbai and Thane                   (b) Liverpool and London
(c) Liverpool and Manchester       (d) Melbourne and Sydney.
6. Which king captured the congo region and established his rule over it?
(a) King William of England                     (b) King Louis XIV of France
(c) King Wilhem Kaiser of Germany       (d) King Leopold of Belgium
7. Who established the independent state of Maharashtra?
(a) Raghunath Rao       (b) Baji Rao I               (c) Shivaji           (d) Narayan Rao
8. Who imparted material training to shivaji from his young age?
(a) Dadaji Kond Deo         (b) Dadaji Babaji     (c) Dadaji Madhoji           (d) Swami Ramdas
9.With whom did Shivaji make a treaty at purandar?
(a) King Rajosinh           (b) King Mansinh     (c) King Jorawarsinh           (d) King Jaysinh
10. What was the original name of Baji Rao I?
(a)Visaji (b)Maloji (c)Balaji (d)Madhoji
11.Which Peshwa was murdered by his own uncle Raghoba?
(a)Rajaram   (b)Narayan Rao       (c)Raghunath Rao             (d)Baji Rao II
12.Who won the Third Maratha War?
(a)Hyderali             (b)The British       (c)Nizam           (d)the Marathas
13. With the fall of which peshwa did the swarajya established by shiwaji and peshwai come to an end?
(a) Baji Rao III   (b) Nana Phadanvis   (c) Raghunath Rao...