Brave New World

Would you feel like living in a Brave New World?

“Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

A very interesting book but not easy whatsoever. On the contrary, its subject matter and the vocabulary used need quite a hard work on the part of any reader.
Edited in 1932, “Brave New World” deals with a brand new perspective on the world, depicting a world of the future in which all natural order seems to be totally reversed.
It is a terrifying world that needed “terrifying” words to describe it. Aldous Huxley found the perfect terminology to render a perfect “brave new world”. What he tries to present to the reader in this book is a strange world in which people are not born all the same, but by means of specific processes, which turn them to be divided into Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons.
What makes Huxley’s world different is the fact that people are not born, but decanted. There are no parents and no children in this world and even mentioning such names is considered immoral. What is also out of place is the existence of a drug called soma, which people are allowed to use whenever they have troubles, they feel insecure or sad or whenever they have love problems.
The idea is that Huxley had this idea of a perfect world where intense feelings would be very distracting and pain causing and, therefore, needed to be all removed. Real emotions were not allowed to his people and they were replaced instead with tactile and sensitive films to provide people with the sensations they couldn’t experience on their own. This is indeed sad and tragic as seen from the eyes of a reader.
The book also focuses on a world in which sexual relationships were very common among teenagers and even among very young children. Sexual intercourse would occur as often as possible and girls or men who would stay in their relationship more than necessary were severely looked down upon. People of this brave new world had no Christian religion. God was somebody they had never heard of....