Brave New World

Arthuro Alcorte
Brave New World Essay #3
The clash of values between John and Lenina is not too far to the comparison of many relationship of today. John is an individual who strongly believes in the relationship between a man and a woman to go in a specific order; love, marriage, and then sex. Lenina, on the other hand, believes in the mere opposite. Actually it is even worse in that the only relationship between a man and woman is strictly sexual and nothing else in between.
John shows many times throughout the book his beliefs on marriage, and love. He was strongly influenced by the people he was raised around at the reservation. Old Metsima taught him many ways of celebrating ourselves merely on the basis of existence and values for one another. Marriage being one of them that John has learned to value a great deal. So much that he is not interested in any passionate activity between himself and Lenina until a marriage ceremony has been celebrated. Even the thought of them together sexually bothers him because of this strong belief that sexual relations should only be practiced after the special ceremony. One of his greatest influences for love are his reading of William Shakespeare, who we all know him for his work to be deeply influenced by every aspect of the word love.
Leninas has a very different, yet simple, point of view on the subject matter at hand. Once again pointing out how love and marriage not even a part of her view. There comes a part of the book, I believe in chapter 13, she shows signs and symptoms of what you can define as love. Not knowing why she feels the way she feels, Henry thinking she is sick, only being interested in one man (John being that man of course), and of course her determination and willingness to go to any lengths to get him. Unfortunately, she ends up failing because of this clashing of values. Her one way, only interested in sex attitude ends up making John very angry to the point where he ends up assaulting...