Brains and Psychology

It is very important to study the physical system in regards to psychology. If we didn't we wouldn't be able to diagnose or treat mental illnesses or know what parts of the brain control the things we do. People that are mentally ill can be that way for many reasons. For example if you have a social disorder and you want to know how to work on curing that disorder you first need to know what part of the brain this is coming from. If you see a frightening movie you should know why you have nightmares or you are suddenly scared of what might “get you.” If you were abused as a child that affects you mentally and physically. You need to know what you're body likes and doesn't like so that you can make your brain happy and your body healthy.
Three examples of how my physical system has directly affected my behavior are: jumping out of sleep, being scared of nothing, and my legs falling asleep. When I say I jumped out of sleep it just means that my brain and body senses something wrong in my environment. Whether it be I'm laying the wrong way or I'm freezing my butt off, it   needs to change so my body jumps so that I wake up and fix the problem. Also, if I watch an “Americas Most Wanted” show alone before bed my RAS would not be too happy with me. I would suddenly be scared and alert to my surroundings. Or maybe I'm sitting on my leg wrong. My brain then sends the “spiky” sensation to my leg to let me know I need to move it or change positions. We would not know what part of the brain controls these things if we didn't study the physical systems along with psychology.