Book Report

Carry Me Down

I read Carry Me Down by Maria Joan Hyland.   This book was recognized for the Man Booker Prize in 2006.   I have not read any other fiction novels by her.   Maria was born in London to Irish parents.   When she was two her family moved to Australia, but a few years later they returned to Dublin.   When she was 11 they moved back to Australia settling down in Melbourne.   When she finished school she worked for a short time in film and television before completing an Art/Law degree at the University of Melbourne in 1996.   M. J. Hyland also wrote How the Lights Get In and This is How.
This book takes place in Gorey and Ballymun, Ireland about 50 years ago.   The setting is appropriate for this book because it is easier to relate to the problems that occur.   For example, John has always wanted to fly on a plane to America, which I’m sure many kids in other countries would want to do.   If this book took place during a time period when there was no T.V. or cars it would be harder to relate to the story. However, if this story had taken place during the computer and internet era, John would have had more tools to use to market his talent.   It would’ve also made it much easier for John to get in contact with The Guinness Book of World Record’s and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
Four characters in this book are John Egan, Michael Egan, Helen Egan, and Mr. Roche.   John is the son of Helen and Michael. John believes he has the ability to detect when people are lying.   His goal in life is to be in the Guinness Book of World Records and travel to the Niagara Falls on an airplane with his mother.   Michael is a very smart man, but also a liar. He spends a lot of his time reading.   He also told John that he never cheated on his wife, but John detected that was a lie.   Helen is a very beautiful lady and does finger puppets, which John loves.   Once she learns that Michael cheated on her she became sad and her hair started to turn grey.   Mr. Roche was a substitute...