Of Mice and Men Book Report

In the book and the movie “Of Mice And Men” George , takes care of Lennie, a mentally retarded man that has an obsession with touching soft objects and who is somewhere around 6’7. George and lennie have a dream to own their own plot of land. They travel together   to a farm to work. while there they acquire numerous acquaintances.   They set in motion a turn of events that leads to a tragic ending. but there are differences between   the movie and the book.
    In the novel they cut about ten minutes of what happened at aunt Clara’s house. Curleys wife came in and threatened crooks before George came in. it didn’t say that while they were fighting the boss came in and broke up the fight. lenny shook curleys wife’s head when he was holding   her. Lennie had thought s about the rabbits and his aunt Clara saying George was going to leave him.
    In the video they added about ten minutes of footage showing what happened at aunt Clara’s house. Lennie lifts up a wagon because George wanted to show slim how strong lennie was. George came in before curleys wife while they were arguing in crook’s hut then got in the argument. After curleys wife found out what had happened to curleys hand   they got in a fight and broke up. the movie showed everyone looking for lennie the novel didn’t describe anything like that. Instead of everybody showing up and   consulting George about Lennies death and telling him that   “it had to happen sooner or later” or “that someone had to do it”.
    The movie and the novel both   had some things in common ,such as the ketchup lennie wanted with his beans. Lennie also wanted to go live in the caves because he thought george didn’t want to take care of him anymore. In both the novel and the movie they were running from a place called weed. Curley hated them in the movie and the novel. He was constantly fighting with Lennie because he was intimidated by him. In the end Curley’s wife died for both the movie and the book.
    Although the movie and...