Book Analysis on: Extreme Physics- Scientific American

Book analysis on:
Extreme Physics- Scientific American

The title of the book I have chosen for the Physics in Print is "Extreme Physics". It has a number of articles from different authors. Most of the book is related with the quantum physics. I did have difficulties getting it all into my head as it's all a new concept to me. Most of the theories weren't even in effect yet such as human teleportation and other things. The book talks mostly about the things that is not visible to us on a regular basis. It is definitely a deep research, some from the past and some researches that are in motion. Not all questions have been answered yet but scientists are on the path and are looking for answers all the time.
After reading this book I realized how big the world of physics is. There is no limitations and not a point where you know everything about physics. There is always more to find out and it is just amazing some of the things that you get to learn. I definitely grew much more respect for scientists who have made all these inventions through research and studies. I might have had my eye on a different part of physics where it is more about engines and mechanics but after reading this book I have more knowledge about physics.
I did not look much through the book before choosing it but after slowly starting to read it I grew more and more interested. It was hard to understand in the beginning though but it started getting clearer later on. I've heard a little about quantum physics earlier on but never got to get deep into it, until I read this book ofcourse. The book was non-fiction but consisted with a lot of examples that were in science fiction movies such as "Star wars" and movies in that category. Yes they were fictitious but some of the ideas were legit and also involve scientists researching on them such as warp drives and teleportation where humans can transport from one place to another in just one step into a machine. Although that isn't possible...