Social Norms Case Study - Analysis of $500 Wedding Cash Gift Bride

Analysis of $500 wedding cash gift bride

Recently, a bride-to-be 23 years old girl wrote in her facebook that she does not welcome guests who are going to paid HKD500 or less cash wedding gift to her wedding banquet. The screen capture of her facebook had been widely forwarded in facebook and what's app chat rooms. In several discussion forums, there were over 20,000 replies for the posts discussing this topic within 3 days. This issue had unexpectedly become the news of over 9 local newspapers too. We are going to analyses this incident from both bride's side and internet discussion forum users' side.

From Bride's view

A. Social norms

In the modern society, there are spoken or unspoken rules indicating how we should behave. These rules are known as social norms, which tell us what most people do in a given situation, and inform us about what is generally seen as appropriate or adaptive behavior in that situation.

How would social norms apply in a wedding situation? In Hong Kong, the form of wedding is divided into two extremes - either very simple or very gorgeous. For couples who like simple wedding, they may arrange overseas wedding without holding wedding banquet in Hong Kong, or only have a dinner with the direct family members. In contrast, many couples either wish to hold wedding banquet by their own desire or under the stress of their parents to hold wedding banquets.

Why wedding in Hong Kong are in two extremes but seldom in the middle? It is because in the social norms in Hong Kong, there are some "basic requirements" for a wedding banquet, which are all very expensive, gorgeous and luxurious. For the venue has to be grand, and hotel is regarded to be better than Chinese restaurant. Food in the banquet has to include 8 certain dishes, plus rice, noodles and dessert. Pre-wedding photos taken by professionals have to be shown. Professional make up artist, video takers and photographers have to be hired. Bride has to change her dresses at...