Bombs on the Boat

This is in responce to a prompt for yr 12 english (encountering conflict). It's an imaginative piece that explores the consequences of the Taliban through a metaphor. It's inspired by the section of the Rugmaker where Najaf, alongside many other asylum seekers, are on a boat that is almost crushed by the waves. I also have a statement of intention or written explanation that is unfinished.

he prompt:" Conflict is an inevitable part of life, we find ways of dealing with it"
I’m stuck in this world without a path. I walk in a jungle of mysteries, seeking to solve them. Nothing comes my way and frustration sinks into my soul. I tread carefully and hold onto hope as it guides me. I wear strong boots yet over and over again I am bitten by a creature. The creature feeds on my hope and kills my desires.
This boat was my path to safety. My path to a normal life. One where i could raise my little girl and live peacefully with my wife. This boat now leads me to death. I fear that I will drown as I do not know how to swim. I fear that I will be killed as I do not have it in me to fight.   It seems as though control has escaped me. The memory of my homeland provides a comforting escape. I think of the vast land in Afghanistan, sheep wondering freely, the clear blue skies and the crisp sunshine that forms a shadow of my house. The same house that my beloved brother, Gorg Ali, had helped to build.
I am sound asleep in my room, my family is safe. I love the night as it is the one time I do not have to turn around and look over my shoulder to make sure that someone isn’t following. The darkness of the sky holds me in a dream.   Then all of a sudden something bombards my house.   The brightness of the explosion blinds me momentarily. The fierce power of the bomb leaves me in shock.   I want to stop them but they collide with such force that I am left frightened. I hear screaming and cries of pain. It is my mother.
I jump onto my feet feeling light headed. The...