Blue Turns Red: a Theory on the Future of America

Blue Turns Red: A theory on the future of America
Over the years America has had its fair share of ups and downs with regards to economy and of course social wellbeing.   There have been many wars, as well as most famously, The Great Depression.   It is this time period birth to a perhaps more plausible theory on politics, and why even now that these views would help out the struggling society and economy. What theory would help out in this struggling nation? Communism and many of the thoughts behind the theory come to mind. So, why then would communism be good for the United States?

Searching through history for times that were the most impacted on the American society, The Great Depression pops out. Brought about by a collapse in the market, or rather the loss of a lot of money for out country, it created a time in American history when the social system seemed to almost completely shut down its barriers in order to build itself back up. So, why communism? Simply put communism is nothing more than a castless (not class system), moneyless and stateless society of people working together for the greater good of the country as a whole.   Over the years many nations who have claimed communist have abused the process and thus many people around the world have developed a fear of this political way of thinking.   If the facts are looked at, one can see that some of these factors took place within the United States reconstruction period, during the Great Depression.   Though the United States was never moneyless per say, many citizens did without money and went about bartering, and the class system was almost none existent as well, the only thing that held true in the long run was the United States was never stateless.

The furthest theory from that of communism is that of anarchism.   This movement over the years has taken up with the likes of liberalism; anarchism is the arch-nemesis of communism which was made known through events such as the Russian Revolution in...