Code Red (Retelling of Red Riding Hood)

This is a fairytale retelling of Red Riding Hood.   A very different fictional version that I created in order to relate to modern woman oppressions.

Code Red
The world was set into chaos after an all out war broke out.   Governments fell apart, causing the lands to divide for a crazed leader to take control of.   The lands fought each other continuously to gain power and more land in a race to obtain more land and become powerful.   Turmoil graced the lands of the people as their leaders ignored the importance of their lives and used them as mere grunt soldiers.   The population of men was depleting, causing a rise in interests for female soldiers.  
The people of the lands lived in small districts, each with their own dictator.   In District Grimm, the people would await the disastrous plans of the leader while dreading The Culling.   The Culling was a time when their dictator’s Institution would set out soldiers to capture young girls to train them to be soldiers.   After they were trained, they would be forced into war to fight or their families at home would be murdered.
Annalese lost her parents and grandfather in a raid at a young age.   At ten years old now, she lives with her grandmother in District Grimm.   She is a beautiful young girl with long and wavy raven black hair.   It was always in a loose braid that looked like she had been playing all day.   When her hair was let down, it would effortlessly flow in the wind.   Her pale skin was as delicate as the moonlight's beams, while her deep garnet eyes were mysteriously intent and focused.   Her eyes wickedly smiled with excitement as if hiding a sneaky secret.   Although she was slender from lack of food, she was strong in her stance and always ready to pounce like a cat on a hunt.   High spirited as she was, she would be able to smile her full scarlet mouth so sweetly that your heart would melt.   You would silently pledge your life into doing anything and everything into making this innocent girl happy.