Pepsi Blue Can

I looked to my left I saw a huge pine tree, I looked to my right I saw another huge pine tree, I was petrified. So I looked under me I screamed another identical pine tree, I looked up and there was a bird.... sitting on a huge pine tree!!! I kneel down and start to cry, this is hopeless, when suddenly I notice something blue, I quickly climb down the pine tree to see what this blue object is; my imagination is gone wild! "Dude," I whisper to myself,
"this could be the last Pepsi blue can in the world!!"
I then notice the floor is filled with pine cones and there are tree trunks everywhere. A small blue leg catches my sight.
"Whoa, a Pepsi can with legs," I start weaving through the trees, TRYING to avoid the billions of pine-cones. As I run, dogging in and out of trees eyes focused on the small blue flurry runaway I fail to notice a thick branch lopped across the forest floor…

I wake up and there it is this little bright blue lizard thingy with deep blue eyes and a midnight blue tongue, with small droplets of PEPSI blue dripping from it like saliva.
'Cool, the only lizard with Pepsi blue as spit… I could drink it all day.’
I move forward, but something repulses me back on to the ground. The blue-lizard hisses, mockingly. Angry, I stand and try run into it and the last thing I see is two blue bloody claws.

How long I was sleeping for, I do not know. I slur, and slowly open my eyes.
Everything in my vision is suddenly red: red tree, red blue thing, red pinecones etc.
I could see make out this barrier ahead of me, ‘that must have been the repulsion thing!’
The barrier wasn’t too high. I doubt I could jump over it, but hey, I’ll give it a shot. I ran and jumped, surprisingly I leaped over comfortably and landed soundly on the other side. Everything was still red. Frantically, I searched for the blue lizard, only to see that the red-blue lizard didn’t have its attention on me anymore.
It was squirting all its Pepsi into a HUGE Pepsi blue can!

This was...