Blazing House Fire

Blazing House
On December 6, 2006, I discovered that I had a house fire. It all started on Friday afternoon when I got home from school. Instead, of going home, I went up to the family business. So as my dad and I headed home to get tools to work on one of our rental homes. My dad is about five foot nine, with gray hair, wearing t-shirts all the time. I have notice that our curtains were missing. I told my dad “Someone has stolen our curtains.” As we pulled up into our drive way, my dad and I got out of the vehicle. He walked up to the door and opened it, while he realized the smoke and shut the door. When we pulled up to the house there was no sign of any smoke.
I tried to call the fire department on my cell phone and it would not go through. I was in a panic and rushed over to the neighbors. Fortunately, the neighbors were nice and they called the fire department for my family and I. I ran back over and the first responder pulls into the drive. He is short and round, wears a baseball hat all the time. He accessed the situation and called upon the rest of the fire units. The whole entire fire department was coming down the road. Along with the fire units, the town came along with them. The units arrived to my house and enter, to come to a small fire. My dad and I were standing outside and the fire department threw our air purifier out the front window as smoke rolled from the window. It was in a flaming ball of fire. Two other fire fighters put the smoldering air purifier out. Then next, our delicate family chair followed the purifier. It was also smoldering, as it came through the window.
The fire department was done with their work. It was late, so we went to my grandma’s house and slept there till morning. It was early Saturday morning and we all woke up around the same time. My dad realized that we had no clothes or any other morning essentials. A few minutes later, one of are good friends brought over tooth brushes, clothes, towels and blankets. The...