Partnership Working

6TH December 2010.


• Introduction.
• Partnership Working
• Advantages.
• Policy and Legislative Influence.
“The Barker Report”.
“Firm Foundations”. The Future of Housing in Scotland.
Bell Farm York.
East Northamptonshire Council Management Group.
Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Planning Authority.
The Housing [Scotland] Act 2001.
The Housing [Scotland] Act 2003.
The Homeless etc [Scotland] 2003.
• The Common Housing Register.
• The North Lanarkshire Partnership.
• Recommendations and Conclusion.
• Bibliography.
• Appendix.


This essay will examine the historical and statutory background and origins to Partnership Working, highlighting its strengths, weaknesses, and identifying good practice.

It will also describe, explore, evaluate and critically examine the role of Housing within “Partnership Working” using the partnerships of the Common Housing Register [CHR] and the North Lanarkshire Partnership [NLP], both of which operate within the North Lanarkshire Council area [NLC].

Partnership   Working/Networking.
Partnership working can be applied to individuals, companies or even internal departments working together, however within the context of this assignment it is best described as “A long term official agreement between organisations which allows them to come together and formulate joint strategies and frameworks focused on dealing with common issues and priorities. It encourages best practice by the “pooling” of a range of diverse skills and resources”.

Networking is inexorably linked to Partnership Working. This can be formal or informal and is the creating of a working relationship between a group of acquaintances and associates or contacts through regular communication and assistance for mutual benefit. It often results as a...