My hands tremble, as I lift them to wipe away the tears that flood down my cold cheeks. I can hear the funeral music playing. A song I like. Or used to.
I woke up in the middle of the night; the agonizing pain in my womb. I gripped onto Dan’s arm, gasping for air. Suddenly he woke up; as if he had a bad nightmare. He saw my hands gripped onto my stomach; and instantly knew. Rushing out of bed, he grabbed his long coat and swooped it around my shoulders. He gently hurried me out. I remember his excited but concerned expression. The baby was coming.
Half running- half walking, he searched for a nurse as if I was the only patient. He desperately ran from corridor to corridor, dragging me with him.
His forehead sweating more than mine.
I was lying there as they rode me to the labour ward. I could see 4 white figures pushing me on each corner of the trolley bed- my very own angels. There was Dan grinning beside me. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself and sighed with relief. Nine months waiting and he was finally arriving. Even though it was supposed to be scary, terrifying – so the experienced say-however, I felt relaxed and with ease.
I was wrong. 4 hours had gone, and it was finally time to push. It felt like every bone in my body was breaking one by one. I try to hold in my screams, but I couldn’t help it. I felt like all my energy was being drained out my delicate body- which that to, felt like was going split in half. With what felt like my last breath- I breathed out as I gave one last push. There he was; my baby boy.
I felt faint. I looked up at Dan who slowly let go of my delicate fingers, and walked towards the baby. He cradled our son in his –what seemed- large arms. The nurses were saying something- however it was inaudible as I tried to listen to my baby’s first cry. Everyone’s happy faces turned dull. Dan’s warm smile turned into expression filled with rage. He looked towards me as tears blurred up his hazel eyes. He aggressively shoved the baby...