Birth Control Issues

Frashaunda Echols
November 10, 2008
U. S.   Government
Professor Smith

Birth control has been around for decades; although, birth control has advanced over the years, the product still has served the same purpose for women over the decades, to prevent pregnancy.   Women have a choice of what type of birth control they want to use.   A woman can choose to take the traditional birth control pill, get a depo-shot, a nuva ring, or she may use other forms of birth control.   The most popular form of birth control that I did not mention in the sentence before is a condom.   Condoms protect the male and female from STDs and AIDS also while preventing pregnancy at the same time.   A woman using birth control while she is sexually active is a very smart and responsible decision to make.   What happens when a woman is not taking birth control properly, or she is not taking birth control?   She becomes pregnant in most cases.   For some the news of   being pregnant is wonderful news, and for some the news of being pregnant is not so wonderful news.   What does she do when she does not want to have the baby?   In some states a young woman would have the option of an legal abortion.   An abortion is defined as a surgical procedure or other intervention to end a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from the womb (Webster).   Is this another form of birth control for some women?   “Ooops, I am pregnant and I do not want a baby. Well, I guess I’ll get an abortion!”   For some women it is just that simple.   Of course, having an abortion will cost a woman some money, but the price is not outrageously high.   In Memphis, TN a woman can get an abortion up to 12 weeks into her pregnancy for four-hundred dollars.   The further along she is the more it cost in different states.   When a person has an alternative for an uncomfortable situation to make it go away he or she will more than likely take that alternative.   Yes, I do believe some women use abortion as an alternative birth control....