Overview of the Uk Energy Industry

Business Research Skills Course Assignment:

The UK Energy Sector

To: Investment Company

From: Research Executive

Title: The UK Energy Sector


1.0 Introduction

Professor Abdul Bayes suggests, “Energy is an integral input to modern life”   (2008). Such claim tends to be attractive in terms of empirical adequacy. In the UK energy security is currently high on political agenda and, despite the current economic crisis, Energy Sector may seem as an attractive depository for investment with its firm position in the market. Energy Sector is difficult to outline as it encompasses a wide range of products and services, hence during this report we will focus on the UK primary energy consumption and energy production from renewable resources. The research has been conducted evaluating a number of statistical data on energy and the report will include some legislative announcements and technological news.   Finally, I will conclude with a recommendation on investment in energy sector and give an outline of risks and opportunities that may be important to look out for in the future.

1.1 Primary Energy Consumption

Helweg-Larsen and Bull report that Coal, Oil and Natural Gas account to 88% of the World’s commercially traded primary energy (2007 p. 26). In the UK energy consumption pattern resembles that of the global market and the economy is highly dependant on the primary energy. The data derived from the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) website supports the former and shows that energy made from Solid Fuel, Petroleum and Gas constitute the majority of total energy consumed in the UK. Domestic and Industry Sectors are the biggest Solid Fuel and Gas consumers in Britain, whereas Transport Sector is the leading petroleum consumer. (Table 1.7. Energy consumption in the United Kingdom. 2008 Update.). The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) confirms the latter statement that Energy Sector plays and important role in the...