Bill Henson Image Analysis

“Untitled” (2000) # 119
“The classical root of the word “adolescence” means to grow towards something. I am fascinated with that interval, that sort of highly ambiguous and uncertain period where you have an exponential growth of experience and knowledge, but also a kind of tenuous grasp on the certainties of adult life.”
Adolescence presents many challenges related to identity and desire, and such challenges are often forbidden by adults. Adolescents enter a difficult and murky territory not only on account of their own mental or psychological experience, but also because of cultural expectations they receive about what it means to be an adolescent.
In the series “Untitled” (2000) # 119 Henson displayed a seductive nature in his photographs by incorporating sensuality between the boy and girl. Henson presents "adolescents in their states of despair, intoxication and immature ribaldry". He also demonstrates a particular streak of teenage crime and rebellion throughout his series.
I am reminded of the play and movie Romeo and Juliet, the two figures completely in love with each other, but they have to conceal that by sneaking around at night time and not being able to show their love publically without getting into trouble. The image veiled by night, perfectly demonstrates the nature of rebellious teens, this also stereotypes that teenagers are prefer to be active at night, also reminding me of the movie about teenage rebellion “Rebel without a cause” as the teens in the movie are always shown participating in rebellious activities during the cover of night.
The girl appears to be younger than the boy, due to her small stature; this demonstrates that he is more powerful and possibly seducing the young girl as she may be unaware or innocent to the dangers she may be venturing in to.
The boy and girl in the picture seem to be calm their eyes closed, yet at the same time they appear to look slightly scared to discover new emotional connections with one...