Beowulf Summary

Rahim Rajan                               journal entry (Beowulf page 33-35)

                        Once there was a ruler name Beowulf. He had a great army which is lead by halfdane. Halfdane decided to build an enormous hall (hoerot) for his army to feel proud and honour. But, outside hoerot wall there was a demon waiting to change this happy occasion into sadness. The devil was named Grendel and he belong to Cain’s family (Cain kill his own brother Abel and been called as a monster of all).   Every night Grendel listens to the music that comes out from hoerot hall. One night Grendel went back to the hall and killed thirty of halfdane men while they were asleep. As in result, halfdane and his men were horrified. Furthermore, Grendel came next night to kill more victims. Soldiers were running around to save their own lives. After that hoerot hall remain empty for twelve year. Grendel refuses to stop and no men try to negotiate with the monster: they even try to pay with gold but it was impossible. Hrothgar was heartbroken and believe that true hero can save them and that was the last hope.
                      This type of text is relatively common in English literature but it still interest people to read it. The story has no resemblance with reality and one can say it is pure fantasy tale. In my opinion story has a smooth pace and can make individual to read more. Author did a great job explaining the back ground of a monster (Cain’s family) and his cause of attacking the hall which is the singing (sound). On the other hand, author didn’t provide any back ground information of halfdane or about the king.

                          It is very difficult to compare this story with a real life experience or event. But if someone thinks enough it can be related through people fear of god or any type of fear which include hope for mercy or sake for greater power. The text can also reflect in my life with an act of...