Article Summary

Article Summary
• Name of Article: What Are The Benefits of Aromatherapy
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• Date of Article:   March 08, 2008
• Summary:
In this article it speaks about aromatherapy. According to this article, the key in order to understand what aromatherapy is lies in the use of aromatic oils and liquids. Also, others define aromatherapy as a form of alternative medicine that made use of volatile liquids called the essential oils and may also include the use of other aromatic materials with the objective of influencing the mood of one person or the patient. When saying that it makes you wonder how can oil and liquids are any form of therapy. Well according to the article, a French chemist by the name of Rene-Maurice Gattefosse was the one who came up with the term aromatherapy. After being burned on his arm in a laboratory and some way his arm was thrust near the lavender oil. Gattefosse observed a relief and the burn healed swiftly with less marks and with the smallest amount of pain just by him trusting his arms on some lavender oil. This development directed Gattefosse to work on essential oils as an alternative to known medicines.
This article also speaks about patients who have claustrophobic. Now, you may wonder what the use of aromatic oils and liquids could have to do with people who fear being closed in. Well based on the researches as the Sloan-Kettering, aromatherapy reduces the attacks on claustrophobic patients that undergo MRI scans. And then it could be that they feel so relax that all the fear just goes away.
To conclude, when reading this article the thought what’s the point of using aromatherapy. I thought it’s not anything but aromatic oils and liquids being used on a patient for relaxation from a fear and whatever else its used for. But one thing I have truly learn from this article is that the effect and the benefits of aromatherapy on one person is not due to the...