Belonging Speech

Good morning staff and students.

Belonging is the ability to feel acceptance and understanding within your personal, cultural and social environment. The concept of belonging varies between people because of their background and beliefs.

My visuals show how we can find a strong sense of belonging through connections to people and places. The visuals also illustrate how barriers can prevent belonging and create a need to belong in a new place with new people.

These ideas are also featured in my chosen texts, ‘Strictly Ballroom,’ a film by Baz Lurhman and ‘My Island Home,’ a song written by Neil Murray about an Aboriginal man called George.

In the film ‘Strictly Ballroom’, Fran has a strong connection to her Spanish culture, which can be seen in her passion for traditional dance and through her close relationship with her family.

Fran’s strong connection to family and dance is obvious when Scott arrives at her house during a family gathering. Fran’s family is supportive of her dancing and this is seen when Fran’s father helps her and Scott practice for the dancing competition.

The contrast between her world, which is authentic and real as opposed to Scott’s fake and materialistic world in ballroom dancing, emphasises her strong sense of belonging and acceptance.

This sense of acceptance is represented in the visual of the burning fire.
Fire symbolises the warmth and security that Fran feels from her family and culture.

Like Fran, George has a strong connection with his culture and this is based on the bond that he has with his home in the sea. The lyrics, “six years I’ve been in the desert and every night I dream of the sea.” describes George’s longing to be by the sea.

The song, ‘My Island Home,’ which is written in the first person is powerful in that we are given insight into George’s lost sense of belonging. The repetition of the words “my island home,” creates empathy and allows the...