Belonging Speech

Good morning teachers and students. I will be talking about the concept of belonging in
Peter Skrzynecki’s poem, 10 Mary st and my   related text ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ A book written by Maurice Sendak that was published in 1963.To me belonging is the feeling of comfort and acceptance in their environment, peer group or family, to belong is to feel apart of something. Throughout both of these texts are about being from different places and trying to adapt and belong in their new surroundings. Peter Skrzynecki’s poem, 10 Mary st, relates back to his parents being European immigrants, now living in Australia. It talks about how they tend to the garden, for example the simile used in the 2nd stanza “tended roses
and camellias like adopted children.” and even the poems title, the address of their house in Australia, shows a sense of belonging to Australia, even though they are originally from a war torn country. Peter Skrzynecki on the other hand, does not feel like he belongs, only talking about the exterior of the house, and not the inside, as if he feels he was always on the outside. He shows that he feels like he was shut out of his family home with the simile in the first stanza, “early morning, shut the door like a well oiled lock.” Peter Skrzynecki never had the same sense of belonging and happiness that his parents found. In my related text, “Where the Wild Things Are” written by Maurice Sendak, The main character is shunned to his room for   misbehaving. When he is in his room, a magical world grows around him, and in this new world, he meets the wild things. Even though the wild things are intimidating, Max tries to find his place of belonging by taming them, and becoming their king. The monsters accept him. In the end Max does not feel his place of belonging in this world, and he does not feel at home, so he goes back to the place he knows. In my two chosen texts, the characters are trying to find their place of belonging and feel at home in the new...