Belonging Area of Study Speech


It is our perceptions and attitudes that enable us to belong and develop strong relationships with others.

Do you agree?

In your response, refer to your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing.

Year 12 and Mr _______________,

I firmly believe it is the level of open mindedness with which we perceive others that generates valuable interactions with them. When our perceptions and attitudes are informed by objective and morally sound sources we are enabled to belong and develop strong and ideally positive relationships with others. True belonging, as we learn from Steven Herrick’s “The Simple Gift,” a novel told in verse form, is about forming productive positive relationships with others despite many odds, that creates a sense of well being and an immutable sense of self. This essential component of the Belonging concept is also features in Tropfest finalist short film, “Silencer”, directed by Frazer Bailey, where the inverse occurs and we see the almost fatal consequences of the inability to form productive relationships.

Yet, perhaps the greatest obstacle to be overcome in order to enable us to belong and develop strong relationships with others is transcending deeply ingrained perceptions and attitudes that prevent us from accepting others. This is shown in both my prescribed and related text where overcoming confining social expectations and accepting social differences is liberating.

In “The Simple Gift” we see these diverse aspects of belonging emanating from the different perspectives of three narrators, told within a structure of eleven episodic chapters. The voices of Billy, the main protagonist, a young, marginalised, homeless teenager, Old Bill, a drunk hobo “old...before his time”, and Caitlin, female and social opposite to the two male characters, all contribute to allowing readers to see the significance of our perceptions and attitudes in our interactions with others. Billy, although a product of...