Being a Big Sister

Barbara Alpert once said, that “Your little sister is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you any way.”  
Being a big sister sometimes can be a difficult job, but it is only up to those who truly want to look back and to be able to smile and be proud that they have created something great. A big sister has a lot of qualities that one would need in order to fulfill its duty. But I feel that the most significant qualities that a big sister should have is that she should be a motivator, a supporter, trustworthy and most importantly a friend.
A big sister should always be there to help the other complete her dreams and goals. She should never let her little sister settle for something less of her dreams. She should be a listener even though sometimes it can become hard to listen without giving any harsh criticism back. But a big sister should be that listener who is willing to have an open ear whenever the youngest needs it and feel need to give advice wherever it fits. A big sister should never be doubtful of her little sister dreams she should be that supporter who is always in her younger sisters corner, even when no one else is there. Most importantly a big sister should be like a best friend that a younger sister can come to for anything and be able to tell whatever to. She should be that friend that you call all the time and or feel as if maybe you are her only friend that she has. No matter how or what the two sisters endure they would never let nothing come in between their title as being sisters.
These are just a few of important qualities that I myself posses as a big sister when it comes to my youngest sister. I think that I would be a good big sister because I benefit from seeing someone who I have learned to care for achieve something that they have been trying to reach all their life. I am a motivator that never doubts anything and always look for a...