Can One Person Make a Difference in Another Person's Life?

Moving around, going to different high schools, making new friends every year and having parents that didn’t pay much attention to her was the life that my friend, Nhi, had to live. Having to live like that must have been hard, but I have never heard Nhi complain, not even once. She didn’t care about any of these things and tried to spend as much time with her friends as possible; until she had to move away again. Knowing that she has to live like this made me realize how glad I am to have parents that care about me and friends that will always be there for me whenever they can.
I have never told Nhi this, but she had changed my life. She didn’t changed my life because of how nice she treated me; but, instead, it was the way she lives her life, what she had been through and how she can still be so happy. Every time she told me about her problems, it would always be in a letter. She told me that it was easier to express herself in writing than in person. Even though her parents often ignore her, she still loves them and was glad that they were with her. When she told me this, I suddenly realized how much I miss my dad, and how little time I have left with him. I rarely see my dad due to his work overseas. He was older than most of my friend’s dads; he’s 63 years old. This realization made me very scared. Scared that he won’t be there to see me get marry or even there to see me graduate high school. I told Nhi about all of my fears. Instead of saying how sorry she felt for me, she told me to not think about the bad things and to focus on the good things. She said it was okay to feel scared because we are all just human beings.
To me, Nhi was like the big sister I’ve never had but always wanted. She would always help me out and gave me advices on things that I was always too afraid to ask others. She wasn’t just someone who had made a difference in my life, but she was also someone I look up to other than my family. Unfortunately, Nhi and I lost contact. I still...