Organization Behavior

As I am working in the marketing organization, I have to do sales to achieve my target which are set by my Head Office Division. The problem that occurred in our business is we are losing business where the profit margin is dropped drastically.

Percentage of customer complain for the year of 2009

After sum evaluation and feedback from our customer, the data count is as shown as above. The main reason for the customer leaving our service and our competitor is wooing over them due to our lack in customer service, as it’s a serious matter where there must be a quick decision must be done, I’ll use my task force to meet my target and grab back my customer.

As a head of an organization, I planed and decide to implement Goal-Setting Theory because I assume it’s simple and easy to work out my mission whom caries lot of values and attitudes to the organization. As some material I have gone thru, it shows that the Goal-Setting Theory was proposed by Edwin Locke in the late 1960s as a source of motivation. It also state that the more difficult the goal the higher performance to produce good result. The conditions in goal setting theory are such as commitment where the employees will be committed and try their best to achieve it. It also needs the staff’s confidence level to perform the task. The characteristic of the task must be simple to make it effective to perform it independently; it will also associate with increased of job satisfaction.

As I found the root cause of my organization problem, which is our customer service, I made sum important rule where we must inculcate a service performance and standards. First of all, who are we? In the eyes of the customer, we are an organization where the customer won’t look at any individual staffs; it shows that we carry the image of the organization. As the second question rises what is our role? The staffs must take initiative and be proactive to constantly look forward for better way to improve our service,...