Consumer Behavior - Motorcycle

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Project Proposal
Project Proposed - Consumer behavior in automobile industry - Motorcycles Description of the Project –
Global demand for motorcycles is expected to advance to 6% annually to 59 million units by 2011 and in that, Asia and other major developing countries will be the biggest contributors. In fact India has seen a drastic change in the two wheeler segment after liberalization, as before 1991 scooter segment was the market leader, and very limited companies in the Indian market, which led to limited option for the consumers and also the purchasing power of Indian citizens was less but over the time with increase in the purchasing power of people and changes in social, cultural and others factors, people now have moved to motorcycle, which led to the increase of its market share to 80%1 in the two wheeler segment. Currently this segment is dynamic and lots of changes are expected to meet the demand of consumer. This project focuses on the current needs of the consumers, and what factors they consider before purchasing a motorcycle e.g. (Power, Acceleration, Style, Mileage, Price, Re-Sale value, finance etc). This will be helpful for the companies to design their product and services accordingly. It also focuses on characteristics of the customer e.g. (age, occupation, Income, region etc.), which will be helpful for the companies in targeting the segment.



Objective of the Project • • • Key motivating factors for the customers to purchase the motorcycle. Attributes in the motorcycle that customer looks for. Characteristics of the customer who can be the prospective customers of motorcycle manufacturers

Methodology: Qualitative Research – Focus group discussion will be conducted in the IBS campus...