Effective Communication Paper

Effective Communication Paper
Mashanda Graham
HCS/ 325
May 6, 2013

Effective communication in any organization can truly be depicted by the culture and structure of the organization itself.   Organizations of all sizes maintain some form of organizational structure, which plays a role in the effectiveness of the communication distributed both in and outside of its walls. This paper explains vital techniques that should be used in health care settings for effective communication within health care organizations. It’s essential for an organization to use different and effective communication methods within the structure such as oral communication technique, forms of written communication, and visual communication skills. Although I do not currently belong to an organization, below are some of the communications techniques that I choose to describe. Organization communication is a crucial advantage to any success within health care organizations.
The first technique that will be explained is verbal communication skills for health care job settings. This kind of communication is aimed at every employee in this type of job setting, because the focus to being committed to adhering to medical problems involves examining what the cause of that problem is to better work to find a solution. Effective verbal/listening skills to patients/consumers shows that you as an employee in the health care setting are interested in finding a solution to the problem if there is one, or maybe the person just needs someone to talk too. Verbal communication skills are not just a one-person communication technique/skill, and patients or consumers must be inclined to listen to the employee too. When you show a person that you have verbal/listening skills they will feel more comfortable sharing their situation with you.
Next this paper explains different methods of written communication and why this form of communication is effective in health care job settings. There are different...