Bean Peeling Machine Belt Conveyor

To install bean peeling machine belt conveyor, we need to start from the headstock installation, then each middle frame installation in order and finally tailstock installation. We need to pull a central line to the conveyor total length to ensure that the central line of the conveyor is on the straight line. Therefore, when we install each section of rack, we need to align the central line. Bean peeling machine requires that the central line error should be ±0.1mm for each meter. But the whole length of the conveyor requirement to the central line error should be within 35mm. When all of the simple links are aligned, then they can be connected.
To ensure the reliable running of BEAN PEELING MACHINE belt conveyor, what the most important is that we should find and eliminate the possible malfunctions. Therefore, the operators should observe the conveyor running. If there has any abnormal circumstances, we should solve it in time. The operators should inspect and check any part that may easily cause problems.

Besides, in actuating device installation, we need to notice that the transmission shaft of the bean peeling machine belt conveyor should keep vertical with the belt conveyor’s central line. We need to make the central of the head roll width keep coincident with the central line of the belt conveyor and the reducer axis keep parallel with the transmission axis. Meanwhile, all of the roller and the axis should make level. The horizontal error of the axis should be within 0.5—1.5mm according to the width of the belt conveyor. When we install the actuating device, we can install tailblock and the roller axis of the tension device should keep vertical with the central line the belt conveyor.

Finally, starting and halting the bean peeling machine belt conveyor should be operated under the unloaded circumstances. When we install several bean peeling machine belt conveyors in order, we should adopt the starting equipment which can be atresic so as to start...