Soybean Processing Plant Industry Features

Soybean processing plant industry, as one of the main processing industries, has been developing rapidly these years. Soybean processing plant industry development promotes domestic processing industry to develop. But there are also some problems in soybean processing plant industry and we need to find solutions for these problems.
First of all, domestic soybean processing plant industry lags in technology and has higher processing cost. Compared with foreign advanced technology, we still have many shortcomings. And the soybean processing plant enterprises with better benefits always adopt imported equipments or parts.

Second, domestic soybean processing plant industry has weak comprehensive abilities. And the rate of multipurpose utilization of resources is still low. The data displays that, 80% of the domestic processing products belong to rough machining or once processing. Soybean processing plant industry has short industrial link and low industrialization degree. Soybean processing plant industry still stays in the preliminary working stage, which goes against to realize raw material comprehensive utilization and soybean processing plant industry long-term development.

Aiming at the problems of SOYBEAN PROCESSING PLANT industry, the government should adopt comprehensive measures, strengthen the macro-control to soybean processing plant industry and realize harmonious development of feeds processing and soybean processing plant industry. In policy-making, the government should reinforce agriculture infrastructure, enlarge the input in soybean processing plant industry and promote good quality and high yield corn s to provide sufficient raw material for soybean processing plant industry.

Meanwhile, the relevant departments should reinforce international and domestic corn   market monitoring, guide corn   production, transportation and consumption correctly, and stabilize soybean processing plant industry balance between supply and demand.
To sum up,...