Bcom275/Mining Disaster

Executive Summary of 30 Chilean Miners Trapped

On August 5, 2010, 33 miners were trapped underground in a mine owned by Compania Minera San Esteban Primera in northern Chile. During the next 69 days, the miner’s story is an amazing tale of survival and triumph. In this executive summary family and employee needs are addressed. Additionally, what actions must be taken to ensure the information is being received as intended, and finally, other information that has come to light since the event.

Family and Employee Considerations

Once the mine owners knew they had workers trapped, their first consideration was to determine exactly who and how many workers were underground. Without question determining the “who” was imperative in reducing the fears and concerns of loved ones.   The next task was to notify the families of those trapped in a manner that would not exacerbate their already heightened sense of fear.   Notifying each of the 33 workers families in person is the recommended course of action.   Doing so quickly and armed with as much information as possible to answer questions is the key.   The notification teams must be made up of a company employee with the authority and knowledge to answer questions plus a coworker well versed in relief programs.   In this case there is no need to bring a member of the clergy since it could potentially signal no hope.   However, for both the families and the company employees, a member of the clergy should be made available on as as-needed basis.   Also, setting up a hotline where they can call and get accurate and up-to-date information would be helpful.   Without a doubt, seeing to the needs of the families is an intricate part of the process.   Understanding, the families worries and yet knowing children’s lives, grocery shopping, and day-to-day activities must continue cannot be overlooked.   Finally, try and get the media to concentrate on the actions of the company and the rescue efforts.   Make press releases center...