Basic Design of Fote Rock Crusher

The basic design of most rock crushers is to put the raw material in a hopper at the top before feeding this to the crushing mechanism with a belt drive or by use of gravity. Once the material is crushed it can be discharged through the bottom opening and it can be processed further if need be.It is find out by the customer that rock crusher is extremely effective in creating large amounts of fill quickly and effectively. Rock crushers can create rock fill to be used for erosion control and landscaping purposes. Cone crushers and jaw crushers are the mainstay of the rock crusher industry, we offer a large selection to meet your all your need. The most common rock crusher is jaw crusher, which is also called primary crusher.Actually the prerequisite of one enterprise gains competitive advantage in the market is the courage to Innovate and challenge. Only in this way, can Fote Machinery exceed competitors to make itself survive and develop in the external competitive environment.

At the Fote time, the output of impact crusher will be limited; the phenomenon of excessive-crush will be appeared. In the construction industry like aggregate, sand, over crushing will lead to a large amount of waste, bringing three types of waste: stone, electricity, and the internal metal abrasion. As to structural, the general design is of two counter plate frames or three back plate frames, and there have two sets or three sets of spring adjusting device, which has complex structure, and difficult to repair.

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