The Unique Capacity of Fote Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher , a kind of stone crusher , is widely applied in the mining department for coarse crushing and medium crushing. It is also used to crush the building materials and infrastructure construction materials. The jaw crusher has three types according to the width of the feeding : large, medium and small sized. There are many great features for the jaw crusher. It has a simple structure, is easy to manufactured, with a reliable working condition and is very convenient to operation and maintenant free.

let's talk about the capacity of jaw crusher. Its capacity specifications express how many tons of material a unit is capable of processing per hour. Companies based in countries that use the metric system automatically list this specification in metric tons per hour. Companies based in countries such as the U.S. or Australia that do not use the metric system express this specification in both short and metric tons. A short ton is the common American ton, or 2000 lbs. The metric ton is the equivalent of approximately 1.1 short tons, or 2200 lbs. About the capacity,you need to have a clear understanding.

In the market, there are also many other types of crushers available, rock crusher is one. All of these crushers have their own working principle and process. As with jaw crusher, when the material falls by the feeder hopper within the aircraft, disperses after the tripper the material to all around the yummy treats. Electric motor causes to move the jaw the vertical motion to crush the material. And the material receives the rotor and decides the jaw the attrition stave, the stave material discharges from under hopper.
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