The Rational Design of Representative Fote Impact Crusher

The impact crusher made by Fote Machinery is one of the most commonly crushing equipment. With classic design and normative manufacturing flow, Fote impact crusher is widely appreciated by customers at home and abroad. But do you know that what kind of the design principle and characteristics of impact crusher make it highly praised by customers and the application of it?

We will talk about the application of impact crusher firstly. Fote impact crusher has extensive use. It is suitable for mining, metallurgy, cement, building materials, chemical industry, water and electricity, etc. It is especially suitable for crushing aggregate, basalt, granite and hard lime in expressway construction, hydropower project, etc.

And what is the working principle of impact crusher? Stones directly enter into the high speed rotating turntable from the top of the crusher, and under the action of high speed centrifugal force, the stones will high velocity impact and be high density crushed, which will form a vortex motion between the turnplate and the casing, and then the finished products will be directly discharged after they are impacted and crushed for many times.

The reason why Fote impact crusher has become a classical model is because its rational design, carefully manufacturing and outstanding performance.Our effective rock crusher could be applied to series of construction companies. For instance, the cement factories and building companies would need to use it to accomplish completed tasks. It enable the customers to earn more profits since the energy consumption is reduced. During the researching and manufacturing, Fote Machinery believe that we should connect our designs with the market demand.
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