Basic Black Cathie Black

In the book Basic Black: The essential guide for getting ahead at work (and in life), Cathie Black pinpoints mistakes and opportunities. This book contributes a lot of insight and advice for young professionals, women, and recent college graduates. This essay will display some very meaningful information given by Cathie Black as well as the useful information that you can implement in everyday life.

Cathie Black has a dynamic way of expressing challenges within the workplace. Cathie illustrates leadership as a mentor and focuses her book on her career that easily unfolds into inspiration. Basic Black is a guide written to give sound advice for finding a job, keeping it, and moving onto something bigger and better.

Cathie analyzes her professional life from the moment she graduates college by telling anecdotes and life learned lessons. The main focus of her chapters is to provide the most essential elements to getting ahead in the work place (p. 2). She discusses the keys to success such as drive, power and passion (p. 2).

In Basic Black there are some very essential tactics to getting ahead. Drive is not just moving closer to your goals but it is also being prepared and motivated, which Cathie states is just a basic level; Make like a boy scout: be prepared. (p. 15). It is always important to make sure that your work is correct; it would be a major downfall to submit incomplete or inaccurate information; check and double-check (then check again, if you’re still not sure) (p.17). Cathie makes a point that taking risks that are calculated is not crazy and many would agree (p.44). If you are taking risks that have been thoroughly thought the only risk that can hurt more is not trying even sooner.

“Know the rules, so you know which ones to break (p. 55). Cathie analyzed whether or not she could pull USA Today out of the red. She faced a fear that a single person would not have wanted to ever endure. Understand that the best way to naturalize fear is by...