Promoting Equality

There are various factors that should be taken in account when trying to promote equality upon an individual or organisations. This essay will eloborate deeper on what is needed to understand with the idea of promoting equality; from understanding the basic definition of prejudice, discrimination, inequality and how they are developed with indepth explaination on how these action(prejudice discrimination,inequality) came about with understandig the PCS analysis and the Structuation theory. The benefits of practising equal opportunity approach within an organisationis also explained in this essay, followed by useful practical steps that could be taken in consideration for organisations to improve equality;and also explaination on how a particular group of the society are phrone to discrimination.
Every human being has similarities and differences between each other in terms of biological constitution and social backgrounds. This leads to the structuring of social groups in terms of gender, sex age, religion, racial group etc.(Haralambos and Holborn, 1991). Inevitably, the differences between individuals of different social groups constitute an element of prejudice, i.e. negative prejudgment towards individuals in different social groups. These prejudgments are enforced and shown through the process of discrimination, which can be portrayed verbally (words) or physically (conduct) towards the discriminated social group.Moreover, these negative prejudgments often promote misunderstanding or wrong conception of groups of different social nature. Usually, the misconception can make one group believe that they are superior to the different others, and vice versa. As a result, the discriminated social groups feel inferior and minor under the superiority of the “better” group. This leads to the formation of social hierarchy, which is defined by the individual's status, power and prestige in his/her social group. The prospect of life chances of...