Based on Opinion

Jeremiah Thixton
Professor Murray
Humanities 205
23 December 2010
Based on Opinion
This is a rhetorical analysis essay in response to President Barack Obama’s back to school event speech, in Arlington, Virginia, on September 8, 2009. President Obama puts rhetoric to good use. He puts himself in the mindset of the masses. He balances all; ethos, logos, pathos and with grace. He also interchangeably uses the forms of persuasion with precision. The ways in which President Barack Obama presents himself is admirable.  
There are three categories of ethos; first, phronesis, which looks at the practical skills and wisdom of the speaker or author, second, arete, which focuses on virtue and goodness for all and third, eunoia, which is the goodwill towards the people that here or read the words. (Rapp, 2010) Ethos has started before the president had begun speaking. It began with the thoughts that people had in regards to his character.
Ethos continued throughout his greeting. He started his speech with a greeting instead of an introduction. He greets the audience in the traditional American way. This, with his presentation of self, the title he carries and what he has accomplished while he has been in office, initially carries high ethos. Immediately after his greeting he introduces the setting, which is fact and is the path for logos to take place. From the beginning of his greeting to the end of the introduction President Barack Obama goes from ethos to pathos and logos, then back with ease.
Pathos is associated with emotions, but it is more complex than that. A better explanation might be the appeal to the audience's sympathies and imagination. Pathos causes an audience to respond emotionally and to identify with the writer's or speaker’s point of view. To feel what the writer feels influences control. This is usually done through the telling of a story. (digitalnature, 2007) President Barack Obama tells many stories with in this speech. There are stories about...